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PANNON-TRADE Kft. was founded in 1989 with the ambition of serving agricultural producers environmentally sustainable products with high productivity. To work towards meeting our ambition, we focus on developing, producing and distributing our product lines of organic granulate fertilizers, bacteria fertilizers and plant disinfectant, which are widely used in organic and conventional farming.

As the producer of GreenSoil Humin fertilizers we think like a farmer to understand and to answer their complex challenges of today and tomorrow with sustainable products, that offer not only higher yield. AZOTER bacteria fertilizer satisfies all criteria in organic farming, while SteriClean disinfectant product family provides control against bacteria, fungus, germs and algae in a non-hazardous way.

The success of PANNON-TRADE Kft. rests on the decade-long expertise, reliable and solid partners, continuous extension of product lines and, of course, the satisfaction of our customers. We believe that value can be achieved only through long-term sustainability, calculable yield and superior quality. Behind these goals a clear strategic vision, a dedicated team, a close cooperation with partners and high efforts in R&D are essential.

A new emblem was introduced in 2011 that represents the values of PANNON-TRADE Kft., and its dedication to agriculture.



because our products’ efficiency outperform in all aspects the traditional ones’


since our products not only protect but regenerate the environment

Environmental friendly

as we implement merely environmentally safe processes from the very beginning of production till the end usage

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Arpad Branyi
directing manager